Commercial Truck Auctions

commercial truck auction

Commercial Truck Auctions

Many commercial truck auctions will provide a variety of medium duty and heavy duty trucks designed for use in the commercial industrial marketplace. Commercial truck auctions generally are a source for trucks used for towing and hauling finished goods, parts, or raw materials for manufacturing. As a commercial truck the title must be registered to a business, corporation, or financial institution and anything over 13 tons in weight will always be considered commercial in nature. Hauling of hazardous materials will also require a commercial title in order to move these type of materials. At commercial truck auctions you do not have to be a commercial entity to buy, but you should be aware that the previous use was almost certainly commercial trucking.

The variety of trucks available from a commercial truck auction will likely be dump trucks for sale, flatbed trucks for sale, refrigerated trucks for sale, bucket trucks for sale, used garbage trucks for sale, even tow trucks would be for sale here. Every commercial trucking business will have the opportunity to find a quality commercial truck for their application. There are also many different manufacturers of commercial trucks represented Mack trucks, Isuzu Commercial trucks, Ford Trucks, GMC trucks, White Freightliner trucks, Mercedes-Benz trucks, even some Toyota Commercial trucks are represented.

It is always a good idea to check the truck auction listing to see if there are units of interest for your business.

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