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Government Surplus

Buying Government Surplus for Your Business

You need supplies for your business. An easy and affordable way to get goods for your business for expansion or even a new business is purchasing government surplus. Auctions are in progress providing cars, trucks and even commercial vehicles. Lightly used medical equipment auctions are available in government auctions. Pretty much anything that a business might need is now sold by our government at cost or even below cost. The government surplus industry is mammoth.

Federal and state agencies are able to offer an incredibly wide variety of merchandise for public auction. This is because they not only have extra equipment from errant or over zealous purchasing or budgets. There is a steady flow of seized goods for auction, foreclosed properties for auction, almost anything imaginable. Most cases these items have already transferred from one government agency to another and are now being sold to the public.

Different than state governments, there isn’t any one source of government auctions in the federal government website. There is not any one single government auction web site. Agencies in the Federal system such as the GSA (General Services Administration) or the DOD (Department of Defense) have their own auction sites. The Law Enforcement Agencies also run their own auction sites for property seizures.

Below are the primary government surplus and real estate sites listed.

Auction sites to consider- Everything you would ever need for your business all on one convenient government auction site. Mostly surplus items from the Federal Government. There are cars, furniture, office equipment, even commercial real estate

US Treasury – Seized Vehicle Sales- Mostly vehicle auctions that take place in a variety of states. Large scale car auctions are held in Florida, California, Texas, New Jersey and other auction sales centers nationwide.

US Treasury- IRS – Properties that have likely been seized due to tax fraud or defaults. This is an IRS auction.

US Marshals Service- Asset Seizures- Federal law enforcement agencies seize property regularly. Not only residential real estate and personal property, but commercial properties are also included. Here you may find aircraft, antiques, art, boats, recreational vehicles, motor vehicles, even jewelry. Marketplace for online auctions. Featuring Federal, state and local agencies. There are sales from over 30 counties nationally. The agencies represented include U.S. Marshall Service, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Treasury.

Government Surplus Auction Guides and Info –

Guide to Federal Government Sales- Consumer Tips- This is produced by the GSA (General Services Administration) and explains government auctions, government sales and how to purchase merchandise. A good list of tips.

Full list of Government Auctions and Sales organized by agency- This is a comprehensive list of onine outlets and auction houses run by the U.S. Government Agencies.

State Government and Surplus Property (Local) – More surplus auctions and sales offering surplus merchandise. These online auctions are operated by state and municipal governments.