government liquidation sales

Government Liquidation

Government Liquidation Auctions and Sales

The U.S. Government has an incredible market share when it comes to public auctions and liquidation sales. The diversity of items available through the Government liquidation system is incredible.

Whatever one could possibly need (or want) it will probably be sold through a government sale or auction somewhere soon. There are financial concerns such as treasury bills, an abundance of real estate and commercial properties. You may find livestock, even wild horses have been sold at government auctions. As a consumer or business owner, a primary benefit is that the government has little interest in turning a profit on items sold. Often the merchandise is sold at or below the going rates in the open market. This means you can save big in many instances by participating in a government liquidation auction.

It would be great to imply that by purchasing items through government auctions and sale it would help lower taxes, but, I think we all know better that that!

There are bargains to be had in Government Liquidation Sales.

Some of the most valuable bargains come in the personal property department when perusing the government sales. How about a Cessna airplane? Chris-Craft boat? Mercedes-Benz or BMW? All there. Many mineral rights, livestock, and exotic jewelry and furniture are regularly found at government auctions- and cheap too.

Auto sales. Thousands of individuals and businesses have had the ability to purchase fleet vehicles and other pre-owned cars, trucks, atvs, and rvs from government auto auctions in all fifty states.

Real Estate and Commercial Property is always available. Farms, Ranches, Land, Apartment buildings, Single family homes. All types of commercial real estate is auctioned off as well. If this is in your sights you will to be disappointed.

Financial Assets are always up for auction. We have seen securities, savings bonds, treasury bonds and other negotiable financial products at government auctions.

Everything else is for sale too. You might find souvenirs, collectibles, art, antiques, coins, stamps, memorabilia- a literal flea market under government control.

Prepare Yourself to Bid Effectively.

Being prepared and knowing the basics can make any experience with these government liquidation sales a better one. There are sources for guidelines and tips galore some examples below:

Heading on over to will offer you a few pamphlets and online information on the following topics regarding some of the many government liquidation sales ongoing and some advice on making the best of it.

A Federal Government Sales document form the GSA (General Services Agency) provides information on how to participate in the many sales programs. It also offers advice on how to avoid the misleading auctions and events that make government liquidation claims but have no affiliation with government auctions.

Buying Federal Land is still possible form the Interior Department. Generally land considered excess or unsuitable for public use is available at some government land auctions.

Used Government property form the GSA is a great way to outfit a business at a reasonable rate. The information provided by the GSA has details and locations of facilities all over the country.

Surplus Military Property. The common consensus of Jeeps, Tanks, and rocket launchers sold by the government for pennies on the dollar are pretty far fetched. There are definitely items available from the military- check here and see for yourself what is readily available.

However you get involved, you will find that government liquidation sales are an entertaining form of obtaining products and supplies for any business or household at a fair price.