gun auctions

Gun Auctions

Gun Auctions

Gun auctions are a great resource for not only a gun collector, but anyone wanting to start a hobby with firearms. For many, it is a simple extension of other activities such as target shooting and hunting. There is a very real investment opportunity as well, vintage firearms are fetching the highest prices in history. The historical significance of these weapons is often enough to get folks interested in gun auctions nationwide.

No matter the motivation to participate in gun auctions, as a gun collector, you need to find legitimate sources of gun auctions and events to start or increase your gun collection. There is such a wide variety of guns from so many different vendors it can be overwhelming. Here are some ideas as to where to start.

Online Gun Auctions

The web has become an incredible resource for gun collectors. The ability to research guns and establish common values is amazing. Shopping for guns is also quite a treat. You will find distributors, military surplus sales, and gun auction sites in no short supply. Your budget and the type of weapon you desire will be your guide.

It is important to become familiar with the purchase of firearms online. When receiving a gun from an out of state gun auction you will have to have it shipped to a FFL (Federal Firearme Licensed) dealer in your own state. They will help with the transfer and take care of the legal paperwork involved- and will likely charge a fee to do so. You can obtain an FFL for Collectors of Curio & Relic Firearms for yourself too. This will be your ticket to having your gun auction purchases shipped directly to you, saving a transfer fee.

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