Online Auction Information

Internet Auctions for Smart People is a solid portal to reputable auctions and bidding locations around the United States and beyond. Information about online shopping and searching for deals for personal and business use. Helping you find auctions of value, getting beyond the hype and misdirection.

Our primary focus is to provide good resource materials about the online auction community. Perhaps guiding you towards a greater quality of online auctions and bidding sites around the web.

This has been a fast growing avenue for the auction industry as we get more and more into the digital world every day. It has also created some challenges that were not even an issue only a few short years ago.

While ebay may seem like the need all be all for auctions online- this is not true any longer.

There are now more small site owners and auction professionals using the web.  They promote events that offer more value than ebay any day of the week.

There are now never ending liquidations of under utilized equipment. Overstock sales, going out of business sales, surplus and many others. Often there are auctions to turn over invested capital project that to make room and free up cash for new items. Sometimes it is just a house cleaning project.

As you browse the topics at the top of the page- these menu items are broken down as we see the bulk of auctions in todays marketplace. Yes, there are more options for sure, but these cover a tremendous range in 2014.

We start with online auctions. Locations and information about the shopping sites that auction merchandise. We have also linked a segment too the Midwest US as there seems to be an incredible tradition of auctions in the region. We are fortunate to be able to take part in many of these events as well.

An auction resource would not be an auction resource if there were not some mention oaf auto auction. The auction business for vehicles has been alive and well for quite sometime. Dealers and consumers alike have always utilized these venues to find cars. Not to mention truck and commercial grade transport vehicles placed in auctions too. We have tried to break it down into the most common areas and offer some good locations to investigate.

Estate sales are becoming another amazing source of auctions to the browser on and off line. The growing elderly population has some influence as well. The volume of collected  items in ones life has made this a tangible option.  Remaining spouses or families now have a great way to liquidate all the stuff that exists in the family home or storage facility.

Not only Army Surplus like the old days but Government auctions are in full bloom. Seized merchandise form the expanding law enforcement arm. Tax sales to repay debts and penalties base brought these activities to the front burner in the auction industry as well. Many private as well as public venues are participating in these government auctions.>

Real Estate is the big one, at lease in monetary volume. There are large tracts of raw land, farm land as well as family dwellings in these type of sales. Then there is commercial space, rentals, even mobile homes are available. Many auctions are for foreclosed properties in every region of the united states. There is also some information about bidding on HUD homes that might be useful to some.